On the day of surgery

On the day of surgery


Arrive in plenty of time, unstressed.

We will give you instructions regarding when to stop eating and drinking

Wear comfortable underwear for support and wear loose trousers; tracksuit trousers with an elasticated waistband are ideal.

When you are in your room I will come and see you so you will have the chance to ask any last minute questions. I will mark the site and side of the operation with an indelible pen, and we will go through the consent form together.

The operation

You will be escorted to the operating theatre. After the area of the hernia has been shaved and cleaned you will be made numb in the area with a local anaesthetic. You may doze for part or all of the procedure, but you will feel no pain and you will be able to talk to me.

If you are having a general anaesthetic you will feel a pinprick in the back of your hand and you will then fall asleep.

Leaving afterwards

The operation of inguinal, femoral or umbilical hernia repair usually takes about 35-40 minutes, after which you will walk be taken back to your room. We will give you light refreshments and you can relax in comfort.
Before you leave either I or one of the nurses  will check your dressing, and you will be given detailed written post-operative instructions and painkillers to take home.


After the operation

I provide 24-hour cover and you will be given my emergency contact number.

The wound will have been closed with a buried dissolvable stitch so you do not need to come back to have any stitches removed – you just need to peel off the plastic waterproof dressing after a week.