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I am a surgeon and specialised in hernia repair over 25 years ago. I worked at the British Hernia Centre over most of that time and am now based at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, London, NW8 9NH

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Welcome.  The information on this website site is the sum of the last 25 years of my personal experience read more …

Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth,
London NW8 9NH 

Remote Consultations

I am happy to offer online advice and remote consultations.  

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Martin Kurzer

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Testimonial – From a letter

I am writing on behalf of my wife and myself to express are greatest satisfaction and gratitude to you for the treatment that I received. I had a very uneventful postoperative period and I feel it was due to your experience and skill as surgeon. We are extremely impressed and pleased with the way you and your team handled the whole matter.

S.M, London W9

About Martin Kurzer

Testimonial -21st January 2020

Mr Kurzer was excellent and I would recommend his services. The surgery went perfectly and the scar is very faint. You can barely see it. Mr Kurzer has an excellent manner and explained the procedure very clearly.

Written by a patient at Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth