Non-mesh repairs

Non-mesh repairs

Repair of a hernia without using mesh is often called a ‘pure tissue’ repair.   It relies on the tissues being of ‘good quality’, and not scarred from previous surgery, the patient not being overweight and the hernia not being too large.

There are currently two non-mesh techniques for inguinal hernia repair Shouldice and Desarda.

The Shouldice repair is named after Earl E Shouldice (his son is E B Shouldice), the founder of the Shouldice Clinic, in Toronto, Canada.  If you are seriously considering a Shouldice Repair it’s worth knowing a little bit about the development of the technique.

The Desarda Repair, much more recent, is named after Professor Mohan Desarda, Poona, India.

This is the link to his site with a video of the technique:-

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