Very rare or unusual hernias

Very rare or unusual hernias

Rare hernias


Rare hernias are…rare!

They are uncommon, which is to say they are not often seen.


a) doctors don’t think of them or diagnose them easily
b) not many surgeons have a lot of experience dealing with them

Since many organs or parts of organs can herniate through many orifices, it is very difficult to give a complete list of hernias. I am only going to list those hernias where the herniating tissue – the stuff that comes out, arises within the abdominal cavity.

They are either given the name of the doctor who first described them, or named after the hole that they come through.

Here is a list – by no means all encompassing – and more will follow:

1)spigelian – through spigal’s fascia
2)obturator – through the obturator foramen
3)sciatic – through the greater sciatic notch
4)lumbar – through the lumbar triangle

The commonest of the rare hernias is probably Spigelian hernia. Though relatively rare there is enough to warrant a whole section. For further information click Spigelian hernia